Code Details

Putting It All Together

I start with the basics and use a small set of tools and resources to get the job done. Each project has many design elements that have been contributed from a variety of sources.

Building on the basics

Assembling the Pieces


The project at hand is getting the code right and validated to the ever evolving W3C standards is key. At that point it plays nicely in most browsers and allows the sites to scale nicely on all devices especially the smaller devices such as tablets and phones.

See the design details  About the DESIGN

Code Authoring

Writing The Code

Code Editors

Code Frameworks

Giving It Some Structure

CSS Framework
Scripting Frameworks


Giving It Personality

The web is full of resources to help you with your designs. And these are a few features I have used in my designs. I have tried to keep them simple and at a minimum. But that doesn't mean you have to side-step them altogether.

Special Fonts

CSS3 /JS Features

jQuery Features