Site Design

How The Projects Evolve

All web designs are a collaboration. Besides myself I have my own team of "consultants".

Putting it all together

The Design "Team"

It's a group effort


Bob aka Bzerob


As a casual designer I stay busy on my down time. It is a perpetual learning task. As I work on the projects I gather experience in a wide variety of design facets. So in turn the projects evolve as I learn.

My Design "Consultants"

The Support Team Members

Mr. Scarecrow



Closely monitors all mouse and keyboard activities while holding down the monitor

Penelope the Pouncer



Consultant-In-Training. Part of the development staff. Specializes in spot checks and mouse tracking

Captain Morgan

The Captain


Assists in clearing any "creative block". After a few " consultations" it always make sense !

 The End Results

The Project Sections Are Born

Each project is intentionally designed to have a personality of its' own. Combining core design elements with a variety of add-on features make each project unique.

Made in Detroit

The MAIN Site - This primary section has all the usual pages and is a gateway to the other specialized sections of my site. Included pages elaborate more about me. Other pages expand on the software I used to create the site and some unique design elements in each site section.

vintage garage

Bob's GARAGE - This section is where I get to go on and on about all things car related. Pages included here are those that fill you in about my vehicles, where to get parts and many auto events. There are also other pages relating to the automotive hobby.


Bob's LIBRARY - This is a section dedicated to sharing a multitude of articles and documents related to a wide variety of subjects, mostly auto related. Many of the articles are mine which documented different projects and acquired information over many years in the car hobby.