I am BOB


but you can call me BzeroB
"BzeroB.com is my piece of the web and a place for me to call my web home and show off what I have learned"

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Do you know BZEROB?

Maybe and Maybe not



I live in the metro Detroit area where I grew up. And YES, if you don't know it already I have a life-long passion for cars. Growing up in Detroit it is said to be in your blood. Take that foundation and mash it up with many years of military and civilian computers and hardware. Then throw some software development experience into the mix and I guess the outcome is rather predictable!

It's me BzeroB

This is what you get!

A guy in a loud shirt and sunglasses, posing with his classic car while hanging out with over a million other gearheads at the Woodward Dream Cruise. And it all just happens to be displayed on this website that also has a blog.
"At the onset it was a single site. But as with most things web related the domain has since evolved into being a gateway to the other project sites in my group."

My Projects

check them out from here

I have tried to embed a unique personality into each project. And they are always subject to change. So come back every once in a while to see what's changed!

The Techno-Gearhead Stuff