Raging Bulls

After RVAH-1 I transitioned over to VA-37 with A7C/E at NAS Cecil Field in Jacksonville, FL
  • NAS Cecil Field patch
  • NAS Cecil Field patch
  • LTV A7 Corsair patch

Fixed Wing Attack Squadron 37
NAS Cecil Field FL

Squadron Insignia

The squadron's initial insignia was approved by CNO on 26 March 1968. The design centered on a bull was selected to symbolize the spirit, pride and mission of the unit. The original insignia was designed and drawn in house after suggestions from VA-37's first Commanding Officer - Cdr Burnett. The design drawn by the squadrons Maintenance Office AZ3 L.A. Smith. Little was changed from submission to CNO approval. The Bulls current insignia was based on the Schlitz Malt Liquor logo. Over the years, the size of the testicles has been changed several times. After the Tailhook scandal, the testicles were removed completely from the logo for a time.

Squadron Landmarks

From June to October 1971, VA-37 participated in the test and evaluation of the new CV concept during the USS Saratoga's deployment to the North Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea. The CV concept involved combining the capabilities of the attack and antisubmarine carriers (CVA and CVS) into a single ship.

The squadron deployed twice to Yankee Station in support of combat operations during the Vietnam War. On 1 August 1972, a squadron A-7A was used to establish a sonobuoy field in an anchorage area near the island of Hon Nieu, off the coast of North Vietnam - the first time an A-7 had ever been used to drop sonobuoys. In 1973, the squadron received their first A-7E, a more advanced version of the plane. They made seven cruises with this plane in the 1970s and early 1980s, including responding to regional crises in the Mediterranean Sea and Indian Ocean.

Shipboard Deployment