Enjoy Your Classic Vehicle

Having an antique auto, street rod or other collectable vehicle has some special needs and info. But it's not real complicated. Just a few easy steps. This is my quick guide for Michigan to address some of these special needs.

 You got your vehicle!

You did it! You have the vehicle you wanted. It could be a car, truck, motorbike or even a boat. Everyone has their own passions. But before you get too carried away with your new toy and head out to the latest event to show off your prize let's make sure it is both safe and secure. Then we can get out ther and show it off!

 Get Some Insurance

 Get Your Classic Tags

The State of Michigan has a long and proud history as the automotive center of the world. Many residents enjoy restoring and collecting vintage automobiles, trucks and motorcycles. Since 1956, the state has issued historic and authentic license plates for antique vehicles used in parades, fairs, car shows, swap meets and other events. You can chose between the state issued Antique tag or a tag you aquire yourself that is the same year as your vehicle. It's nice to have that choice.

Michigan secretary of State logo
  • Cost - $30 for general Historical plates. For Model Year plates, the registration fee is $35.
  • Duration of Registration - Ten years
  • Plates - Historical or authentic plate that were made for that vehicle's model year
  • Model Year Restriction - 25 years and older
  • How Long to Title/Register - Within 15 days of date of purchase

 Get Involved

 Enjoy Your Classic Vehicle!

You have gone and busted your butt to get this thing right. Get it out and show off your handiwork! Everyone you know has probably been bugging you to see it. So, take it out and enjoy your car. There are plenty of people that will enjoy seeing it! There are tons of events here in the metro Detroit area and if you need some help finding a place to go you can check out my EVENTS page

Now Go Out and Enjoy!

If you need choices I suggest you check out my friends at Cruis'News Magazine or the USMA [United Street Machine Assn]