how to FIND BOB

Get Your Clues Here

If you want to catch up with me while I am out and about this is a simple set of CLUES that should make that task a bit easier. Putting them all together will make the hunt way easier. Just trying to help!

 Where the heck is Bob?


I am more likely at home or in the shop. This is the time to get it in the shop and do all the maintenance and upgrades that have been put off during cruise season. This is the time to hit the swaps and see what goodies you can score for your ride.


I am probably out cruising or at a show / cruise night. This is a very busy time for gearheads here in the Metro Detroit area. With eight major cruises along with tons of shows and cruise nights it will make your head hurt trying to figure out where to go next.

 What's Bob driving?

You may want to take a look in the garage to see what I may be cruising around in. Could make me a bit easier to spot.

  • 54 Ford
  • 65 Mustang
  • 70 Mustang

 Who's Bob with?

These are some of the guys I hang out with. Find them and odds on you will find me!

 What's Bob wearing?

The event, a car and my buddies. Kool! Here's the clincher. I try to make it pretty easy to spot me in a crowd. I do like my shirts loud and Hawaiian. Try looking for one of these shirts!

  • gray Hawaiian shirt
  • Blue Hawaiian shirt
  • Baseball style shirt
  • Bright flowered Hawaiian shirt