Parking Meter You're out of time

My Double Parking Meter

The parking meter has been an American icon that has annoyed drivers since the beginning of the auto age. If you live in areas that still use these you know what I mean. And we have all been ticketed a time or two.

Restored old school double parking meter

This is one of my swap meet finds. I liked it because it was a double headed unit. Great for displays with more than one car. The restoration was straight forward. A full disassembly and cleaning. Then a quick paint job in a nice copper color which was a close match for the origional color. Some careful hand painting was required to restore the embossed directions. Then it was all reassembled.

During the breakdown we found that one of the timer mechs was jammed. On closer investigation it turned out to be a wayward dime, circa 1967, was jamming the unit. Once cleared it worked as advertised.