A&W Drive In

Drive-In's are still a blast!

These American icons are still around after all these years. Whether it's a Sonic or an A&W they are even more fun when you cruise into a spot with a classic car. We still do it whenever we can.

A&W Drive In display

Anyone who has attended any car shows has seen the carhop trays with food hung on the window. We did too but decided to take it up a notch. The whole menu board and speakers.

This display is an actual A&W menu unit from, where else!?, an A&W. And no I didn't steal it! It was actually given to me by a friend after it was run over by a vehicle at his A&W. We have used this for about 15 years and it is almost as notorious as my 65 Mustang with skirts!

The base unit is designed to lock under the vehicle to prevent tipping. The trays are genuine TrayCo units. I located the company that makes the condiment service to hang off the trays and got a couple of them. We have pair of trays/food so we can use it with a pair of cars. It really is pretty cool when you can display a couple of your cars and when someone asks “Which one is yours?”, My response can be “Both actually!”.