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My Fuzzy Dice Are A Hanging Offense

The offensive itemsJust when you thought it was safe! Ok, now I can’t have my fuzzy dice on my mirror again because of some jerk wad criminal claiming he was pulled over illegally. Those of us that cruise in 50’s and 60’s cars are very familiar with the iconish fuzzy dice. I have them in my cars well now I gotta make sure I don’t do anything stupid while I have them on the mirror.

Drivers with mirror decorations can be pulled over, court rules
It’s still illegal to dangle anything from rearview mirrors while driving – including air fresheners in the shape of Tweety Bird.

The U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals has decided, after consulting with Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox’s office, that the state’s law is clear on the matter: A dangling object of any size constitutes something that can obstruct the view of a driver, and therefore is illegal and grounds for cops to stop motorists.”

Read on for the rest of the bizarre details of how this reemerged ….. Read the article >>>

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Shut Up! Hang Up! And Drive!

After a few recent run ins with bonehead twits that can’t seem to pay attention to driving because they are ore focused on the date tonight, I thought I would pass on this article from a favorite Freep writer Matt Helms.

Spread the ‘Hang up and drive’ message. So you want to get the message out to more folks that they need to hang up and drive. What can you do? It’s not clear that legal prohibitions will work. Safety groups including the Governors Highway Safety Association notes that enforcement is difficult, and there is little national data to show the effectiveness of such laws…..”

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