Being a techno-gearhead my techno side has allowed me to acquire the web knowledge to feed the gear-head sides passion for cars. And as a result the projects were born

 Code Details

Lots of Pieces Parts

Building on the basics

I am a casual designer and this is all a perpetual learning task for me. I start with the basics and use a small set of tools and resources to do my work.

The core is HTML5 coupled with CSS3. The project at hand is getting the code right and validated to W3C standards is key. At that point it plays nicely in most browsers and allows the sites to scale nicely on all devices especially the smaller devices such as tablets and phones.

My coding tools of choice are Dreamweaver and Notepad++. Initially to make startup a bit easier I have used the Bootstrap CSS framework which uses the jQuery scripting framework. I have since moved to some simpler CSS frameworks and sidestepped jQuery completely. For blogging I chose Wordpress which uses PHP language coupled with the Mysql database system.

Grading on a curve

As a casual designer this is all a perpetual learning task. But as I work I gather experience along the way in a wide variety of design facets. This is my report card.



Sass / Less


Bootstrap / jQuery


Wordpress / PHP/ mySQL


What this means is that I stay busy on my down time. The projects evolve as I learn. Making them play nice on phones, tablets and desktops is a constant battle. And tuning their component size down for quick response has become a priority.

There are a bunch of technlogies in play here. So check out the projects and see what's new.