Identifying Early Mustang Radios

First Character: Radio Type Second Character:
Model Year
Third Character: Sound Type (?) Fourth Character: Manufacturer Fifth Character: Model Application Sixth Character: Speaker Configuration or additional info
D = Under dash "Hump" Mounted*
E = Electric Retractable Antenna**
T = 8-Track Tape (Includes AM/8-Track)
TOB = AM/FM***

(*1968-69 Only)
(** Used only on some Mercury units)
(***1965-66 Thunderbird Only)
Last digit of model year (BLANK) = 8-Track*
T = Transistor Radio
S = Stereo (8-Track or AM/8-Track)

B = Bendix
M = Motorola
P = Philco
C = Continental
D = Falcon
E = Comet
F = Galaxie
G = Comet
H = Hang-On Tape Player
L = Lincoln
M = Mercury (Full Size)
O = Fairlane
S = Thunderbird
T = Truck
U = Econoline Van
V = Lincoln
W = Cougar
Y = Meteor
Z = Mustang
(BLANK) = Front Only
F = Fader for Front/Rear Speaker(s)*
L = Truck**
M = Truck**
U = Econoline**

(* Used on some Continental/Thunderbird units)
(** 1968-1970 Truck Only)

A Few Examples

4TBZ 1964-1/2 Mustang AM, by Bendix
5TMZ 1965 Mustang AM, by Motorola
5TPZ 1965 Mustang AM, by Philco
5TPD 1965 Falcon AM, by Philco
6TPZ 1966 Mustang AM, by Philco
F6TBZ 1966 Mustang AM/FM, by Bendix
T6SMZ 1966 Mustang AM/8-Track, by Motorola
T6SMF 1966 Galaxie 8-Track Player, by Motorola
(Beginning in February 1966, Ford marketed this as a dealer accessory "hang-on" player for all models.)
F7TBZ 1967 Mustang AM/FM by Bendix
T7SMZ 1967 Mustang AM/8-Track by Motorola
T7SMH/F 1967 "Universal" Hang-On 8-Track, by Motorola
(Identical to the 1966 T6SMF/T6SMM, with the addition of a built-in rear speaker fader control.)
This coding is not based on interchangeability -- a 1965 Falcon radio will fit your 1964-1/2 to 1966 Mustang just fine. These markings merely indicate for what year and model a radio was intended. For more specifics check out the Radio Notes page.