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This section is a catch-all for a bunch of articles that cover a variety of subjects

20 Ways To Waste Money

A list of ways you can spend money that you don't need to on your car.

Taurus Dual Fan Install

A kick butt dual speed coioling fan you can get in the salvage yard or new if you choose.

Picking Your Carb Size

Picking the RIGHT carb makes a project go sooooo much easier. You may be suprised when you do the math what you really need!.

Adding An Electric Fuel Pump

If you just gotta add an electric pump here are some off-the-shelf units that might do the trick.

Mechanical Pump TS

Some simple fuel pump troubleshooting tips from the people that make them.

Electric Pump TS

Some more fuel pump troubleshooting tips from the people that make them.

Battery Types and Styles

Getting the right battery for the job isn't quite as simple as it used to be. Here is some basic info on why.

Trans Cooler Lines and Fittings

A list of trans fitting sizes and locations for a wide variety of transmissions. Handy for street rod installations.

Trans Fluid Capacities and Types

A list of the fluid capacities of many of the most common transmissions.

Renamed Transmission Types

Just be forewarned the Parts Gods have renamed all the transmissions! This is the conversion list for us old timers!

Cleaning A Gas Tank

This is my tried and true home-brew gas tank cleaning recipe.

Different Types Of Antifreeze

Like a lot of other things antifreeze has changed. This is a simple primer on what to expect!

Basic Cooling 101

Sometimes we forget the basics of cooling your car. And there are some myths out there too! Explore them here.

Stealth Full Flow Air Cleaner

Another home crafted solution for getting full flow without advertising it! A bit of hand work and it could work for you.

Onboard Air with a York Compressor

Here is a practical application for a simple on board air compressor.