The missus and I were watching TV,
A knock at the door, who can that be?
There stood a stout fellow, all dressed in red,
Snow on his boots, his beard and his head.

I'm stuck up the road, and need a tow, he said.
Gimme a sec, the trucks in the shed,
Let's see if we can fire the old flathead,
Two pumps on the gas, and a turn of the key,
She grunted a bit and fired to life,
Kinda scared the old guy, and probably my wife.

We roared down the road, intent on helpin',
Blew up some snow and set the dogs yelpin',
When we reached his ride, I could not believe my eyes,
The reindeer looked at my truck and then to the skies.

Well, the chrome is pitted and kind of rusty,
The paint is faded but she's still real trusty.
With a tug and a pull we yanked the sled free.
Santa smiled and said "my thanks to thee".

When I turned to the truck I almost fainted,
The chrome was all shiny and the rest freshly painted.
I turned back to thank him, but he was out of sight,
I mumbled "Thanks Santa and have a good night!".

Well if you don't believe this tale, then all I can say,
Is Merry Christmas to you all, from Canada, EH!

Author -- Posted by Ron Hay