GM Alternator Upgrade - 1 wire or 3 wire hookup

As street rodders we are always upgrading the electrical systems on our vehicles. And as a result we are always on the lookout for a better mousetrap, so to speak. How that pertains to this question is this. We have all used, or seen, the 1 wire hookup of a GM alternator. Is it the best setup? Maybe not!

1 wire hookup from a wiring standpoint, it is a way cool and simple hookup. Clean and simple. Is it the best way to hook it up? In my humble opinion, probably not.

3 wire hook up has a few very notable facets. With a couple of extra wires you get a whole lot more bang for the buck. Here is why.

So now that you got my version of this issue I say do it with 3 wires. Can you use the 1 wire setup? Sure, if it fits your needs by all means! For a whole lot more on this issue check out these resources.

  1. Mad Electronics "ONE-WIRE Alternators compared to THREE-WIRE Alternators"
  2. "Alternator Conversions for Older GM"