Nifty Universal Internal Hood Release

This works well with a variety of configurations. Read the article and you can decide if it workable for you.

The Needed Parts are the upper and lower hood latch (cable operated) from a Rabbit, Scirocco, Dasher or Fox. Spring (Pep Boys #40552)

The Upper Latch Fabricate a new base aluminum plate and drill to match the holes that previously were used for attaching the latch. Hold the new plate with its two holes directly over the threaded holes that used to mount the secondary latch. The right portion of the plate may cover the hole that the hood pin/spring threaded into. Drill at least a 1/2"clearance hole through the plate, directly in line with this hole. Mount the upper part of the VW latch onto the plate with its pin centered over this large hole. You may need to trim the latch to prevent interference. The latch should be attached to the plate with flathead screws so that the top surface of the plate remains flat, allowing it mount flat to the underside of the hood. A �" machine screw for the hole remaining in the latch and two more 10-32 flathead machine screws for the remaining holes. Use another screw or bolt to secure the right side of the aluminum plate to the hood brace.

The Lower Latch An oval hole, matching the size of the oval portion of the lower VW latch, must be cut in the area where the lower latch mounts. Make a paper pattern outlining of the cutout onto the sheet metal first. Trace the hole to be cut so that the center of the VW latch hole will be on the same center as the original latch hole. Once you cut the opening and finished it to accept the latch, the VW latch can be mounted from the underside. Four 1/4" bolts, 3/4" long with nyloc nuts work well to secure it. Some slight adjusting may be required to avoid any interference issues under the latch. This will be obvious when you start to slide it into place.

The Release Cable The cable can be run along the radiator support, though any existing hole in the firewall, into the interior. Position the cable release lever and bracket in a convenient location on the kick panel and attach it with two sheet metal screws. The Dasher cable is longer than the Rabbit cable.

The Spring The stock VW spring that pops the hood up when you pull the release lever is not strong enough to lift heavier hoods. By substituting the stronger coil spring from Pep Boys, shortening it to eight coils the hood pops up nicely. The VW spring works it just won't lift it up to allow room for your fingers.