Fuel Pump Troubleshooting - Part 2

I can't count how many times over the years that I get questions about troubleshooting a fuel pump both mechanical and electric. And some of these are very expensive. And guessing wrong is both annoying and frustrating. Because of this I have included a collection of tech references straight from a variety of sites to try to shed some light on this problem and attempt to help get it right the first time. A little front end info can be invaluable in making the right decision.

Electronic Fuel Pump Failure - In-Line and In-Tank

Driveability problems with electric fuel pump applications - Complaints of no fuel, rough idle or lack of performance should be investigated as follows:

Many times a rough idle condition can be cured by the use of high-detergent gasoline. Most stations now offer this grade of gasoline, which is recommended by vehicle manufacturers. Remember, for trouble-free fuel system operation, use only replacement parts manufactured to original equipment quality standards.

E-85 what is this and what does it mean to me and my car. Find out here.

All sorts of nasties can be in the tank and fuel syatem. What are they and how can I deal with them. Find out here.

Carter docs

Basic electric pump general instructions
This Carter PDF doc covers a variety of general good practice notes on installing both in-tank and in-line pumps. Link
Diagnosing Low Fuel / No Fuel problems
This page gives you a general direction on how to diagnose these problems. It is not aways the pump! Link
Carter Bulletin #1608 Common causes of electric in-tank fuel pump failures
Some insights into the common documented issues of pump failure. Once again not always the pump. Link
Carter Bulletin #1611 Complete in-tank module replacement for GM vehicles
Some things to watch for on GM TS and replacement Link
Carter Bulletin #1620 Comprehensive Guide to Proper Fuel Pump Installation
Just like it says. A complete guide to R and R a pump. Link