Fuel Pump Troubleshooting - Part 1

I can't count how many times over the years that I get questions about troubleshooting a fuel pump both mechanical and electric. And some of these are very expensive. And guessing wrong is both annoying and frustrating. Because of this I have included a collection of tech references straight from Carter Fuel Pumps site to try to shed some light on this problem and attempt to help get it right the first time. A little front end info can be invaluable in making the right decision.

Carter website ref page

Mechanical Fuel Pumps Basics

Mechanical Fuel Pump Failure - Some of those failures include:

Mechanical Fuel Pump Driveability problems

Recently, more hard starting and driveability complaints are being blamed on the fuel pump when in fact the gasoline is at fault. The current blends of unleaded fuels, such as E85 have shown excessive volatility, alcohol content and particle contamination. All of these contribute to hard starting and driveability problems. To correctly diagnose driveability problems, you need to know what is causing the complaint:

What can be done to solve these problems

Basic electric pump general instructions
This doc covers a variety of general good practice notes on installing both in-tank and in-line pumps.
PDF doc [754K] link

Carter Fuel Pumps website