Ford Starter Solenoid Wiring

This basic piece of start systems is not as mysterious as it has been presented. Four wires and that's it.

Two Designs but the same four wire hookup

There are two physical configurations but they are functionally the same. The second, later, version is actually the sturdier of the two.

Early Style Solenoid

This is the old standby. This bracket mounted 12 volt version has been around since the late-50's. And there are two bracket configurations. One flat, one angled. Other than that, they are the same.

Late Style Solenoid

In the mid-80's the unit was upgraded to this is flat mounted base. It is supposed to be the bigger and badder version of the solenoid.

The Four Wire Hookup maybe three

This graphic is really as simple as it gets. Three, possibly four, wires and it gets the job done. The I wire hookup is used only vehicles that used a ballast resistor. Not all applications use that wire but most aftermarket replacement units have it.

Make sure it is well grounded! The most common issues with these are when the units are not grounded. The base bracket is the ground for the solenoid. If the unit screws comes loose it causes a start issue. I have seen them with one screw loosely installed. Bad! Bad! My solution to this issue is to run a singular ground wire secured right to the base. I have never had a failure! Just a tip.