How To Remote Mount A Ford TFI Module

The TFI modules on the Ford EEC4 sytems have had a bad history of dying of heat stoke. Actually so bad that there was a class action suit over the modules. (I was a party to this!} While these EEC4 systems are well designed and reliable the fatal flaw of the early versions is the placement of the control module directly bolted to the distributor.

Later versions ( Read that as an engineering change!) remote mounted the unit to the fender well on a heat sink unit. While the module for these later units is electrically different you can still do the mod to relocate the distributor mounted unit. And with a bit of electrical wiring and a salvaged late unit heat sink you can give it a long cool life!

This is not a new update. Just a simple option. There have been a few articles written on this upgrade and here are the basics to this project. You can choose whatever path you want to take. Your personal capabilities and preferences will come in to play here.

Tactic 1 - Simply remove the module from the distributor body and fabricate a 4 wire extention cable, using spade connectors, to reach the relocated unit and heatsink.

Tactic 2 - Same thing only a bit more work. It involves removing the origonal module, gutting a bad module and using the gutted module to connect the fabricated extension cable into the distributor using factory connectors. Same extension cable different distributor hookups.

These are the reference articles for a couple of well done relocations.