Duraspark 2 Notes - Pt 2

This page is a pile of parts notes and part numbers that have been accumulated from a varity of sources that make the conversion a bit simpler. Some you may already know but you may find some new info here.

A new install kit part number 30812 is available from Painless Wiring. It has preterminated ends with Weatherpak connectors. Makes for a quick easy conversion.

The Ignition Module - This info on selecting the right module has been moved to a page by itself - Duraspark Modules.

TFI Cap Adapter, Cap and Rotor Upgrade

Some compatable parts to install the larger style cap, rotor and adapter. For the V8 Fords get parts for a mid-80's Ford V8 without EEC.

Ford Inline 6 fans can use parts for a 80ish Ford 300CID.


Here is a great kicker! The Ford TFI (Thick Film Integrated) coil put about 2 times the usable spark energy of a typical 'can' type coil. The TFI coil uses a different type electrical connector and distributor wire connector. It also uses a locking connector for the coil wire. Switching to the TFI (Thick Film Integrated) coil will effectively double the usable spark energy, and can be mounted in any orientation. The TFI coil has the added benefit of having the 'Tower' style high voltage terminal, and the high voltage terminal much farther away from potential grounds than the 'Can' type coil. When upgrading to a TFI coil on a factory ignition system, you will need a new coil connector and coil wire. Some attention has to be paid to the voltage POLARITY on the connector. The TFI coil hookup is reversed from the can style.

If you hold a TFI coil with the Primary connector at the top, and the high voltage tower at the bottom the positive, usually a red wire, is on the left, and the negative, usually green, is on the right. Some, but not all, connectors are marked + and -.



COIL CONNECTORS If you change from a canister coil to a E-core (TFI) style coil, you will need to change the coil connector.

TFI COIL BRACKET The TFI coil bracket can be salvaged off of any engine that used it. All Ford cars past 1986 had the TFI coil. Fabrication of a bracket is pretty easy with any kind of metal. A good ground on the bracket and coil frame will help keep the RF noise out of your radio.


Changing to high energy style plug wires is mandatory if you upgrade the distributor cap. Late model plug wires are larger by nature and will deliver more of the spark energy to the spark plug, have better insulation and terminal ends. Spark plug wires used with EEC systems have the correct coil wire for the E-core (TFI) coil (Female spark plug boots on both ends of the coil wire for the E-core 'TFI' style coil), Systems without EEC have the male coil wire ends for the factory stock can coil.

Spark plug gaps can be set much wider with the Duraspark sytem. Using the stock module, set plug gaps between .045 - .060.

Due to the higher voltage operation of the system silicone dielectric compound should be applied to the insides of the spark plug wire boots, at both the cap and plug ends and the tip of the distributor rotor.

Small Block Ford Distributor ID - SB Ford distributors look alike but do not physically interchange between a 302 and 351W. 351W engines have a larger oil pump driveshaft. The 289/302 distributor shaft diameter is 0.467 while the 351W is 0.531. Also pay attention to the distributor drive gear construction. The material must be compatible with your camshaft. Most cast iron camshafts need a cast iron distributor gear. Hydraulic roller camshafts are generally steel, and require a steel gear.

Distributor Advance Curve Kit - Mr. Gasket p/n 925D. This kit consists of two light weight advance springs that allow your distributor to reach full advance more quickly (between 2,000 and 2,800 rpm), delivering maximum power and engine acceleration. It is not required for the rest of the ignition upgrade, but gives a quicker kick to your engine.

Duraspark U.I.M. (Universal Ignition Module), has a third plug for a bBaro sensor to compensate for altitude changes.

Neat Street Tip - Motorcraft FL-299 is a direct replacement for FL1A and holds 1/2 quart more capacity. If you have the space it is a plus.