More Duraspark 2 Notes - Pt3

This page is parts notes and part numbers that have been accumulated from a varity of sources that make the Control Box selection a bit simpler. Some you may already know but you may find some new info here.

A new install kit pt no 30812 is available from Painless Wiring. It has preterminated ends with Weatherpak connectors. Makes for a quick easy conversion.

The Ignition Module The modules are identified by the color of plastic grommet that connects the wiring to the module housing. The most common is the blue grommet. All Dura Spark modules are full 12-volt units. Anything less than 12 volts and the module becomes unstable. The black wire that comes out of module and goes to the four-wire connector is the ONLY GROUND FOR THE MODULE. It normally grounds through the distributor wiring to the distibutor housing. You may want to splice into it and take the new end to a good, solid chassis ground. The DuraSpark module can be reliably triggered by any of the factory, and most aftermarket, magnetic pickup coils, so it can by used no matter what kind of electronic ignition you have. (Including a GM 4 pin module but thats another tech article! BzeroB

The Duraspark box has a neat feature built in to it. It has an extra on-start retard wire that you can hook either to a switch, an rpm activation switch or to a boost retard switch, great for boosted carb setups or heavy compression setups

  • Blue box - retards 4 degrees (most common)
  • White box - retards 14 degrees (very early 80's carb 2.3t)
  • Yellow box - no retard (California box)
  • Orange box - retards 6 degrees (industrial box)
74-91 DuraSpark Ignition Control Modules
OEM Ford P/N   Ford Service P/N Motorcraft P/N
Black grommet
  D4AZ-12A199-A DY-157
Black grommet
  D4AZ-12A199-B DY-157A
D4AE-12A199-A1D / A2D
Black grommet
  D4AZ-12A199-C DY-157B
D5AE-12A199-A1A / A2A
Green grommet
  D5AZ-12A199-A DY-166
D5AE-12A199-A1B / A2B
Green grommet
  D5AZ-12A199-B DY-166A
D5AE-12A199-A1D / A2C / A2D
Green grommet
  D5AZ-12A199-C DY-166B
D6AE-12A199-A1A / A2A
Blue grommet
  D6AZ-12A199-A DY-184
D6AE-12A199-A1B / A2B
Blue grommet
  D6AZ-12A199-B DY-184A
D8VE-12A199-A1B /A2B
Blue grommet
  D7AZ-12A199-B DY-184B
D8VE-12A199-A1C / A2C
Blue grommet
  D9VZ-12A199-A DY-184C
Blue grommet   F2PZ-12A199-AA DY-683
Update for all DY-184 modules.
Yellow grommet (3-wire 3rd plug)
  D8AZ-12A199-A DY-237
Yellow grommet (3-wire 3rd plug)
  D9AZ-12A199-C DY-237A
Red grommet
  D7AZ-12A199-A DY-204
D9DE-12A199-B1A / B2A
Brown grommet
  D9AZ-12A199-B DY-249A
D9EE-12A244-A1A /A2A
White grommet
  D9FZ-12A199-A DY-250
E1AE-12A244-A / AA
Yellow grommet (2-wire 3rd plug)
  E1AZ-12A199-A DY-297