Adjusting FORD AOD TV controls

How to adjust the different styles of FORD AOD TV controls

These sections document the initial setting for the TV cable. They are usually right on but some small adjustments may need to be made after this inital setup.

Lift Tab Type Cable Adjustment

Block Style Cable Adjustment

AOD Road Test for TV Cable Units

TV Rod Type Adjustments

The early rod style TV controls have a bit of a different set up and adjusting sequence.

Using A Pressure Guage to Set It Up

You will need to install your gauge into the TV test port on the transmission. The port is eight inch pipe thread, and is located on the passenger side of the transmission. Toward the back of the transmission, above the pan rail you will find two 7/16” headed pipe plugs side by side. One plug is level with the outer edge of the pan rail, and the other plug is recessed. The recessed plug is the TV test port. Since this port is recessed, you may not see it if you are looking straight up from under the transmission, you will have to try to see over the pan rail.

Remove the TV test plug and install the fitting for your gauge. Attach the line from your gauge to the fitting in the test port. With the engine running the gauge should read 0 to 5 pounds at idle. If you happen to have the special tool for testing TV pressure (installs on the ball end of the cable to pull it a measured amount), the reading on the gauge should be approximately 30 psi with the tool installed. If you don't have the special tool you can tape the gauge to the outside of your windshield with the numbers facing in and have an assistant ride with you to watch the gauge. Normal acceleration from a stop should produce around 30 psi. You also want to make sure that as soon as you start to apply throttle, the gauge reading begins to rise. This is a good indication that there is no slack in the cable. If you would like you can also check the WOT pressure with the gauge mounted this way, it should read around 85 psi.

Article Reference - Baumann Electronic Controls