Floorboard repair

Fred Flintstone drove my car!

The project here is the replacement of the the driver side foot well . We discovered a long neglected rust problem on the driver side footwell.

Floorboard rust repair

The project here was the replacement of the the driver side foot well . We discovered a long neglected rust problem on the driver side. Bad enough that when the carpet, padding and sound barrier were lifted you could see the ground. This is a pretty common problem with these creatures but none the less an advanced fix.

We decided that it might be a good time to do a complete inspection of the floor pan and the interior while we were at it. Without further ado we gutted the interior. Everything comes out. With that done we got a good look at the rest of the floor. After some poking and probing it appears that the whole the front foot well would have to be replaced. And because it had progressed under the seat riser it had to go too. And as a bit of insurance the lower portion of the front drop was also replaced. Everything comes out. The rest of the floor was prime, except for some surface rust in the the passenger side foot well . Closer inspection proved it to be just that. So the rust damage was confined to the driver side section.

The rear quarter trim will probably get a fresh coat of paint. And the rear package tray will be recovered. And because we are at this point it was decided to redo all the body seam sealer and when all the patching is completed the whole interior floor will get a sealing paint job ( loosely translated -a coat of rust resistant paint ).

One great thing about living in the greater Detroit area is having a National Parts Depot warehouse just a short drive away in Canton, MI. And since I have 2 Mustangs and a 54 Ford they get to see me a lot. So a quick trip got all the parts I needed. For now. I am sure there will be more as the job progresses.

We had to pull out the seat riser in order to get the new floor patch welded into some solid metal. After a bunch of spot welds and some under lying braces the riser was out. And it appears to have been a good decision because of the rust under the riser section. Not major but still needs to be treated. Now we have the bad section cut out. Some trimming of the replacement panel to match our cutout and it seems to fit OK

After a bit of searching we found a local welder to tackle the floor pan over the driver torque box and the toe board area. Since this is not a show car but a street beater it doesn't need to be perfect but it does need to be solid. It went off to his shop.

With Squeaky Toy back home and the 50ish weather I went ahead and put the dash and brace back in. No problem. Put the seats back in ... Problem! When I sat down in the driver seat something didn't look quite right. So a bit of surveying the area revealed that apparently the new repop seat riser is not the same height as the factory Ford unit. Crap! A quick run to the house and flipping through the catalog revealed that I did have the correct piece installed. I have run into this in the past and it is not that uncommon. Kinda like an inch shorter all the way around. No biggie, now that I know what the logistics are! A set of one inch risers on the driver seat slide rails will solve the problem easily.

A small add on to this particular project, since we have the interior gutted , will be the addition of a steel safety barrier to the back of the seat. There is a pre made version now available from NPD (457238-3S) for $43.95 + oversize shipping. The interior is getting there. A major portion of the floor has been prepped and treated. The steel barrier for the seat back is installed. We have a new rear package deck cover with pad underneath and carpet over the top.