Will somebody support me

What's the holdup?

This project was for a couple of support rods. One for the hood and one for the trunk lid.

What's the holdup?

This project was to fabricate a couple of support rods. One for the hood and one for the trunk lid. And this pair of projects is because I have a personal fetish for not having the old 2X4 stuck under the hood or trunk lid to prop it up!

Most new cars and trucks have prop rods for their hoods. And since there are literally tons of them out there I headed to my favorite resource for stuff like this - Parts Galore. After browsing around I scooped up 5 that looked like they might have some potential. Once back at the shop the fun began.

Hood Support Rod - No wooden stick for me

This prop was a must do because with the new steel/fiberglass hood layout I had to eliminate the hood springs. That meant I would need some sort of hood support. And since I am annoyed by a stick being used for a hood support I set out to fabricate a suitable substitute from the handful of rods I aquired.

It didn't take long to realise that I needed a rather beefy one. And after settling on one that was both beefy and long enough it was just a matter of finding a good pivot point Once I found a nice spot on the core support then it was a task to find a length that fit under the hood. Then finding a nice landing spot on the hood. With all that done I mounted a plastic clip on the front latch brace to hold the prop in place when stored.

Trunk Lid Support Rod - Saving my head

The added weight of the rear wing makes the trunk lid a bit on the heavy side so it doesn't stay up on it's own. So I need to get it some additional support.

After whacking the ole noodle a couple of times on the latch I vowed to give this some serious attention. This one was a bit trickier. Mainly because it is way shorter than the front rod and the logistics of having to fold clear in order to close the trunk. But fear not! I got this.

I used one of the thinner rods [ I believe it was from a Ford Ranger ] it was sturdy enough and had a nice foot mount at the pivot end. After removing the factory kinks from the rod I massaged it straight and then played with the folding logistics. Once I had that done it was a simple matter to shorten it to the needed length and but a kink in the end of it for the locating hole. A locating hole was drilled in the trunk lip. The hole is not in the drain channel so leaking is not a problem.I was even able to mount a nice anti-rattle clip on the trunk webbing to keep it all from moving around in the stowed position.