Project Inspiration

Things I Like

Stuff that caught my eye! Maybe I can use them.

Things I Like

These are some 69 / 70 Mustangs and others that are examples of things I like in the cars.

This 67 Mustange vintage racer is as ulilitarian as it gets, Black race wheels fabricated mesh grille and lowered stance. Simple an functional.

I found this pic of a pair of 70 mustang vintage racers to be way cool. Why? Because the front Mustang has the factory style blade and the following car has a flat style fabricated blade. Another thing about this picture is that it documents a long standing issue with the hood line on this model has been known not to line up with the headlight bezels. Look closely at the hood line on the red Mustang and you will see what I mean.

Now this 70 Mustang has a blade that I really like! It is even larger than the one in the picture above. Without seeing the profile of the car I can say that I would like to fab one somewhere in the middle of the two. But I still think this one is way wicked.

This is a local racecar which I believe is a vintage IMCA racer. It is a real current road racer. I have taken some close looks at this car a a variety of local shows and I really do like a bunch of features that are on this car.