I'm Exhausted

You gotta have a great exhaust

So what else would be fitting for a muscle car than headers and header mufflers!

Adding Headers, Mufflers and Dual Exhaust

The Flow Tech headers (12102FLT) and Purple Hornies (50230FLT) were purchased locally. We installed them at the shop easily. After deciding how we wanted to route the exhaust we had a local shop, Brownies Muffler Service, fabricate a simple pair of twin exhaust pipes that exit together in front of the passenger rear wheel. The new exhaust location. I still have to finish up a support bracket for them. But they sound sweet!

Finally got around to the bracket thing! The support bracket for the new exhaust was a bit of a challenge because of the geometry and location of the exit. But after looking at a couple of store bought combinations I settled on fabricating my own. This is what I came up with . The upper and lower clamps are 3/4 inch wide steel flat stock hammered into curves with a dolly. Not pretty but serviceable. The center piece is a simple threaded coupler that has been sized to fit (read that cut!). The rest is good old grade 8 hardware. And the cool part is it all came from my scrap bin and shop boxes. No cost involved!