Big bag of snakes!

Let's rewire the whole damn car

So what else would be fitting for a muscle car than headers and header mufflers!

70 Mustang Can You See Me now?

Taillight inserts

This version, which I decided to use, involves a simple implant of a 3 light insert into what was origonally a 1 light unit. After picking up the setup at NPD I set about doing the upgrade and it was actually pretty simple. The fit was good but the only dicey part that I encoutered was making sure the wiring did not get pinched or in the wrong spot once you got the lamp insert in place. It was actually a quick and nice upgrade.

Now For The Front Sport Lights

This one is just as easy as the other one. This time I am using an amber LED side marker light to embed in the unit. These lights were never meant to be fog lights just Sport Lights. So all we need to accomplish here is to light them up. The truck marker unit will work just fine. A simple bracket will mount them into the origonal units.