Brace Yourselves

Even your car needs braces

This is a couple of pretty straight forward installs. One replaces the standard frame cross brace with a beefier version that ties in a bit better. The other keeps the control arm camber settings in place.

Road Race Lower Brace Install - Even your car may need braces!

There are actually a couple of ways to go here. One is the Cobra Automotive version, Part No. 336-1010.

Cobra Automotive Road Racing Front Cross member - Every competition and high performance '65-'66 and '67 - '70 Mustang will benefit from this racing front cross member, designed to strengthen the front frame and create a more rigid structure. This cross member replaces the stock one, but ties into the two lower control arm mounting points, accepting the pivot bolts at each side, making the front frame section a more integrated structure. Every race car needs this piece. It's the same setup the Boss Mustangs used.

The other is available through NPD, Part No. 5026C. Both are functionally the same so you can pretty much pick one for yourself. I chose the NPD version cause they are close by.

Whichever one you choose, the actual install is a very basic remove and replace project. Once you have the front end of the car up in the air you can simply remove the existing cross brace. It is only held in with two large bolts. Once you have it down you can replace it with the new crossbar. Now this one picks up two additional points in the suspension. You simply remove the lower control arm eccentric bolts and replace them with the longer bolts supplied with the new bar.

Done! Pretty quick and easy! But Not Quite Yet.....While You Are Under There

Making Some Adjustments

Since we had it up in the air it was decided to install an NPD Camber Adjuster Kit #3376-2B. Not anything spectacular really. Simply out with the old and in with the new.

It is just a pair of square plates that sit where the eccentric bolts normally would. Rather than a circular bolt that is rotated and tightened to adjust the camber the drilled square plate is rotated to the position and can't move in the channel once tightened. Once again a true remove and replace.