Odd Mustangs

One of a kind mustangs

All vehicles have some odd pieces that emerge as the product evolves. The Mustang was no different. Here are a couple of examples that came to life. But not to production.

Shorty 64 1/2 Mustang

What? A short 65 Mustang?

The “shorty” Mustang, built by Dearborn Steel Tubing, was shortened 16 inches and the body was designed by Vince Gardner, a well-known designer of the time. The Mustang was utilized in a traveling custom car show, but when the bean counters at Ford opted to not build such a Mustang variant it was scheduled to be destroyed, as most prototypes are. Gardner couldn’t just let his creation be destroyed and the designer hid it in a warehouse to protect it. Ford reported it stolen and was paid for the loss, only for the car to be discovered later and sold to its current owner in 1968. A complete restoration of the Mustang occurred in time to display the Mustang at the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance in 2013—the first time it had appeared in public in nearly four decades! After a whirlwind 50th anniversary Mustang tour to several key events in 2014, the owner is now sending the “Shorty” Mustang to auction.Read more: Mustang and