I Have A Stiffie

Custom Monte Carlo Bar

A Monte Carlo bar to go on my 6 cylinder. No one that I am aware of makes a curved bar for this application. So I set about fabbing my own.

Custom Monte Carlo Bar

There are some bent bar types but I think they look wrong

So I took a common V8 bar and cut out the kinked section and fit it into a straight bar 4 inches off center to match the offset of the I6 air cleaner. I want to thank friends of mine, Carl Smith and Jamie Webster, for their welding expertise. The Monte Carlo bar I designed needed to be welded neatly and since I am terrible at it I called upon them to put it together. It came out super! Some quick cleanup of the welds and a coat of paint and it looks factory.

Problem! The problem is that this new bar happens to interfere with the original front valve covers push on breather. We may be able to solve this easily by swapping the breather and PCV locations.

We have a solution to the interference problem that looks stock and gets the job done. My solution leaves the PCV valve at the stock location. What we did was removed the vent tube riser at the front of the valve cover which normally has the push-on breather. After a quick cleanup and repaint of the valve cover and air cleaner the redo began. The breather hole was filled with an OEM PCV grommet and a Ford PCV elbow. Another Ford elbow was installed under the air cleaner base to pick up clean air. A short piece of hose and Presto! Chango! A stock appearing vent tube! We may upgrade the rubber line to a bent metal replacement for durability at a later time.