Stuff from the Goodie Bin

Additions and Accessories

In my seemingly never ending quest for "neat stuff" we have came across an accessory that fits the 60's theme of the car.

Rotunda Trim Rings

A friend of mine came across a set, actually 2 sets, of Ford Rotunda trim rings . The rings are a waffle patterned stainless steel with a narrow vinyl whitewall attached to the front face. Very similar to the old Port-O-Walls from the 50's. Upon seeing them I had to get them. They are now installed and a nice addition to the car. The box is labeled with a 65 part number but the instructions are dated 64. I have never seen these before. And because they are trim rings they are a carry over from the full size Fords because Mustangs used full wheel covers. But they are in the accessory catalog.

Highlander Custom Headrests

These are a way cool find. They are an aftermarket headrest from 1966 made by Highlander . The sweet part is that these came from a friend of mine and the color is almost a dead on match for my interior. They bolt to the seat back and are adjustable in height. There similar piece to this in the Ford accessory catalog and they a very much alike. The dating comes from the instructions which are dated 1966. Another period perfect add-on!

Foxcraft Skirts

And, yes, they did offer skirts as a dealer accessories! Not a popular option then, but they did offer them none the less. They were offered as a FAA ( Ford Authorized Accessory ).

Gill Trim For The Grille

This piece of aftermarket trim goes over the cast in gills on the grille surround. Factory units are chrome. A cool dress up item. Being repoped in plastic now.

Locking Gas Cap

This is another repop of the dealer unit. It was acquired for a couple of reasons. The primary one being that at some shows, specifically ones that are indoor, they require that the tank cap be locking or taped shut. I opted for the locking solution.

Seat Belt Retractors

I have the original units from 65 and they are handy to keep the seatbelt from flopping out the door when you unfasten and get out. These are also being reproduced but mine are original.