Looks are Everything

Trying to be period perfect

What is this period perfect thing?

After many years around classic cars I have formed some of my own opinions on what they are about. There are lots of car types to choose from. Restored cars, hot rods, street machines,race cars, muscle cars, rat rods, etc. I have an appreciation for all of them. But some cars are an enigma. They just can't seem to figure out what they really are.

Style is in the eye of the beholder

What I mean is that you can have a well restored car with some killer aftermarket wheels and an engine filled with accessories. And sometimes the mixing of modern billet and chrome with traditional styles works and sometimes it doesn't. And the rat rods thumb their noses at any and all norms. The more odd the better.

Now we come to my philosophy

I set out early on to create cars that while they are based on the original they have incorporated parts from the era they came from. What I mean is that if I can incorporate an accessory from the cars year plus 5 years. So my 65 may have goodies from 65-70. Vintage photos from magazines, archives and the like will prove it out.

Part of the fun is to make the car look as if it stepped out of the era. And hunting for and acquiring parts, accessories and period goodies is all part of the fun. When I show the cars it is cool to hear that someone remebers having this or that when they had a car like that. Things like vintage coolers and picnic pieces are awesome add-ons. And actually using them is even a kicker.

The end result

The final result is a car that is not a restoration but more of a time capsule from whatever era it is from. Be it a 50's lowrider, a 60's street custom or a 70's muscle car. The key here is to enjoy and relax. This is a hobby! Our hobby!