how to FIND BOB

Get Your Clues Here

If you want to catch up with me while I am out and about this is a simple set of CLUES that should make that task a bit easier. Putting them all together will make the hunt way easier. Just trying to help!


 What's Bob driving?

You may want to take a look in the garage to see what I may be cruising around in. Could make me a bit easier to spot.

  • 54 Ford
  • 65 Mustang
  • 70 Mustang

 Who's Bob with?

These are some of the guys I hang out with. Find them and odds on you will find me!

 What's Bob wearing?

The event, a car and my buddies. Kool! Here's the clincher. I try to make it pretty easy to spot me in a crowd. I do like my shirts loud and Hawaiian. Try looking for one of these shirts!

  • gray Hawaiian shirt
  • Blue Hawaiian shirt
  • Baseball style shirt
  • Bright flowered Hawaiian shirt