What a Bag Of Snakes

New Chassis Harness Install

Here we go so hold on to your hats, this could get ugly! I have had the harness for a while got up the courage to get this "bag of snakes" prepped to be installed.

What's in the box?

Now the harness I am working with is a Painless Harness # 10202 18 Circuit Non-GM Column kit. Great kit that was actually a gift a ways back from a friend. The kit is the usual quality kit you get from Painless. The only thing is that it is way over kill, circuit wise, for this car.The project at hand is to locate all the unused circuit wiring and terminate those. This harness has all sorts of goodie circuits like a 4 wheel drive switch, AC, rear power antenna, power windows and locks and cruise control just to mention a few. So the first project is to lay out the harness and identify what I don't need and figure out the best way to disable them.

Getting picky

Once I layed out the harness full length it was pretty easy to figure out what segments go where. really hard to visualise it all rolled up and stuffed in a box! A quick read of the manual [ Yep! I said manual! ] gave me a good idea which harnesses and which colored wires needed to be attended to. I was also able to start segmenting the cable to fit my needs. Once I had the segments layed out I was able to start eliminating what I didn't need. Got most of them identified and started to bind up the segments.

While not going totally into the stone age I am using some of the features like the third eye taillight, backup lights and the electric cooling fan features. With no radio, AC or cruise control makes the dash harness a bit simpler. Not having power windows and locks frees up some of the cabin harness. I will be building my own engine bay harnesses for the relay systems that will run the headlights, cooling fan and horn. The Duraspark distributor and GM drive module harnesses are also going to be custom built. A harness for the gauge system will need to be fabbed also.

The Landing Zone

While I had the dash removed for refinishing I was able to do some scouting as to a new location for the main panel of the new wiring harness. I decided to locate it on the driver kick panel. A quick dimensional check and a set of new mount holes were drilled and filled with Nutserts. A set of 1 inch standoffs were cut from some spare tubing and 3 10-24 screws made it all happen. With that done I went back to find a landing place for my relay pack in the engine compartment. Just behind the core support on the driver fenderwell seems to be it. So a little cleanup rewire of the panel and we should be close.

A great relay bank build resource

While tackling the bag of snakes wiring for the 54 Ford Pair-A-Dice project I have been working on all the relay modules for the wiring system. I needed a section of 4 for the headlights, horn and cooling fan that will end up on the front core support somewhere.

While not a really big deal I wanted to mention that I am using a relay module kit from R&R Wireloom here in Michigan. I ran across them at a local Dearborn Restorers swap and I must say they are awesome. The cool part about these units is that each unit base can be key-stoned to the next unit to create a solid relay module bank. Clean, simple solid. No more tie wrapping them together. I superglue them together when I am ready to install. The wiring build is straight forward and each unit can be a 4 or 5 pin base. Simply crimp and snap the terminals into the base. No biggie. I like these units a lot! I will be using these for all the relay needs in this project.

Check these guys out if you get a chance they have all sorts of other wiring needs incuding custom swith panels.