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It's all about time and money

This project still needs a lot of work. And as we all are aware it is takes longer than planned and of course money is always an issue. But as usual I will continue as resources and energy becomes available. Because this is one big project the parts are going to be in groups rather than by project.

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Nifty parts that I have found work on this project

SBF Motor Mounts

You can use motor mounts for an 86 V8 302 Mustang with no modifications to the stock 54 Ford chassis mounting brackets. You can cross Anchor 2725 and Anchor 2726.

Note: the two motor mounts are NOT the same....the bolt that goes into the crossmember is off-center on one of them. They'll work on either side. One version places the engine right up against the firewall with about 1/4" clearance and if you swap them, it places the engine substantially forward. Some brands of motor mounts will separate due to the low quality of the rubber they're using. Get good ones!

The AOD will sit on the stock '54 trans cross member using the ANCHOR 2253 mount

SBF Oil Pan Conversion

You also need a front sump oil pan to clear the crossmember. Most SB V8 Mustangs from the 60's and early 70's had front sump pans. So an oil pan for a 1968 Mustang 302 will work nicely. Spectre pans have a nice oil baffle in it. To complete the conversion you'll have to get a matching front sump oil pickup/screen.

Changing to a front sump oil pan creates an issue with the stock oil dipstick on a late model 302. You will need a timing cover that has provisions for an oil dipstick that goes down into the front sump. Again, the 1968 Mustang 302 Dorman cover (part # 635-107) with the gasket and front seal will do. These are available just about antwhere including eBay.

Front Grease seals

Front grease seals part number 472319 fit the hub and spindle. Hope this helps anyone with this same problem

Alternative Gas Tank

You can mount a 55 gas tank in a 54 with very little effort or mods HAMB

Lowered Front Shocks


52/3/4 Shocks - Stock and Lowered


Lowered Front

Stock Rear

Lowered Rear

Lowered Rear - Air Shocks

Aerostar Spring Swap

Aerostar Springs