Movin right along

Progress Report

This project is a long way from done and still needs a lot of work. And as we all are aware it is taking longer than planned and of course money is always an issue. But as usual we will continue as resources and energy becomes available.


  • Patch and finish front fenders
  • Patch and finish hood
  • Replace hood
  • Strip and redo front end inner sheet metal
  • Setup and install Packard rocker moulding
  • Setup and align 59 Tbird front bumper assembly
  • install Hollywood Accessories taillight housings
  • LED inserts for the taillights
  • Install licence plate lamps in bumper
  • Backup lights
  • Finish and install continental kit - drop mount down and more angle
  • Single or dual rear antennas
  • 55 Merc rear bumper installed
  • Design new grille layout


  • Upgrade the master cylinder
  • Check / replace the brake lines
  • Rebuild front and rear brakes


  • Check out the front and rear suspension components
  • Install Fenton lowering kit in front control arms
  • install AirLift airbag package
  • Upgrade to an air suspension package


  • remove original 239 / BW 3-speed with OD
  • install front sump pan and matching pump
  • install donor 302 / AOD
  • check out the original Dana rear end
  • install a new driveshaft
  • install new motor / trans mounts
  • install trans mounted shifter
  • install AOD kickdown cable
  • finish up the 55 Ford air cleaner
  • install new Mustang radiator
  • install trans cooler
  • install electric fan
  • install some plain valve covers


  • replace the original wire harness
  • install new SunPro gauges and senders
  • fab a new battery tray
  • upgraded the fan blower to 12 volt unit
  • install electric solenoids on doors and trunk
  • convert Ford alternator to one-wire unit


  • check out old gas tank
  • install electric fuel pump
  • replace old fuel lines
  • install Holley 2-barrel carb
  • convert to Mustang drop-in tank and sender


  • install Ford Duraspark II distributor
  • Install GM amp for distributor
  • install Mallory coil
  • Install EEC 4 coil


  • Eliminate column shifter hardware
  • Eliminate clutch pedal and hardware
  • Replace front seat with a power bench seat
  • Install some sort of electrical wiper system


  • remove old system pipes and muffler
  • install new system to the rear bumper
  • install manifolds / headers
  • Incorporate aftermarket 4-outlet exhaust tips into design