Tubing going everywhere!

Plumbing the brakes and fuel

This is the part of the project that I get to trash all the old tubing and get to replacing it with all new stuff. It will involve a whole lot of tweaking and finagling to get it the way I want it. You can ignore the shouting along the way!


Since we are doing it all over I decided to ditch the old single fruit jar style master cylinder in favor of a much safer 67 / 70 Ford Mustang unit for manual drum brakes ( Cardone Brake Master Cylinder Part No. 10-1485 ) . I picked this particular unit because it has the outlets on the driver side away from the engine. The cool part is that this new dual master cylinder was a straight bolt-in! The plumbing is not that complicated and I installed an early pressure style stop light switch ( BWD Part No. S194P ) that is plumbed into one of the feed lines. I am leaving the stock distribution block in place but I am just capping off the outlet that would normally feed the rear brakes. That hooks right in to the new master cylinder.

TECH NOTE - We stumbled upon a neat feature during the install. There was some initial concerns with having to fabricate a new brake push-rod. It turns out that the pin that holds the brake push-rod to the 54 brake pedal arm has an eccentric feature on it. And by a simple quarter turn adjustment of the pin the original rod was perfect fit for the new master cylinder. Ya learn something new every project!

Fuel lines

With the new fuel pump having an integrated fuel filter the fuel line plumbing will be pretty simple. Out of the fuel pump and heading back along the frame to the tank at the back. The downside is that this will have to be massaged and fitted to the frame and crossovers. Not a big deal just tedious.