Interior Decorating

Interior Redo

The primary upgrades are a multi-purpose table and a nice power station / work station. A bed would be nice. Another project for later. There may be some other stuff but as usual this is where it starts!

Gimme some space!

The first step was to unload all the factory seats. Two short and one long. This leaves a great big open area. Plenty of room to get creative. And to clean it up even more I got rid of all the over-the-top shoulder belt assemblies. It took some panel pulling but I got them all removed. Plus you are always up for more storage space.

Under Seat Storage

Like most vans it lacks some storage areas. The smaller cousin of the Express, the Astro, provided the needed solution.

On one of my latest forays to Parts Galore unearthed a nice slide out, latching storage bin under the passenger seat of an Astro Van. On first glance it was about the right size and dimensions to possibly fit under an Express seat. After undoing the four 18MM nuts that hold the seat base to the floor I was able to extract the complete unit. There just happened to be an Express conversion van in the yard so I wandered over to it to check the fit.

With access to the four mount studs it was alarmingly obvious that this was a prime candidate for the swap. It was odd that the express has a shorter front to back dimension by about 3/4 of an inch but a dead match side to side. So it went home with me.

Once home I set out dimensioning and re drilling the rear mount holes. No biggie. Then a test fit exposed an interference with the seat base shell on the inside rear bracket. A quick cutaway of the inside bracket, actually to match the profile of the outside bracket, solved the interference issue. So with a quick edge cleanup on it went. The seat was dropped in on top of it and bolted down with the 18MM nuts. It works like a dream and snaps shut when pushed in. NICE!

Now I have some much needed hideaway storage that is relatively easy to get to. And when it is extended it clears the doghouse. EXCELLENT!

A Multi-Purpose Table

The Project

The original premise was for a table that could be mounted solidly in the van while traveling but also be used outside the van when parked. A bit of noodling had me heading for my parts stash. I had salvaged a bedside table, the kind that the legs slide under the bed putting the top over it. I decided to re -purpose this unit as the legs for my van table.

My Solution

After some disassembly and polishing of the chrome legs I went about fabricating an H brace to stabilise it. The width was determined by the floor mounted seat pads. A bit of measuring and trimming of the legs got the table top to correct height. I wanted the legs to land on those pads for a reason.

And I really suck at welding but I just persisted until I got the square tube spreader welded to some angle stock uprights. Once that fiasco was completed I measured and drilled for the fasteners. I use my goodie box of screws, nuts and bolts to determine what size and length of hardware I need. With those bolted together I cut out a top from some scrap 1/2 inch plywood stock with a 1 x 1 stiffener in the middle. Four carriage bolts hold it down to the frame.

Now came the part of how to fasten the table top the floor for traveling but to be able to release it for use outside. Well, my solution was a simple plastic knob on a 1/4 - 20 threaded bolt which goes through both leg bases and threads into the vans existing floor mount. A hole was drilled and threaded in each the mount plates. It holds the table in place while on the move and simply unscrewing them releases the legs to use the table outside.

And being as goofy as I am about stuff I didn't like the way the floor mount looked so I fabricated two filler plates that are now carpeted to pretty up the floor mount pockets when the table is in.

And what's a table without cup holders and storage? Right!

First, the cup holders. More rummaging through my parts bin snagged a cool retractable cup holder originally mounted on a Dodge Ram center jump seat. It expands when pulled out and collapses when stowed. I mounted it under the middle of the table top. Kool! Cup holders!

Now for some storage! On a pass through Parts Galore I spotted some under seat storage bins in I believe it was a Ford Windstar. I ended up snagging two. I got them back to the shop and after some measuring and mocking up I ended up mounting them on either end of the table top. Just inset from the edge. Sweet! Now I have storage!

And What About Power?

Mounting a convienience port for power 12VDC power and USB is a nice add-on.