At The Drive-In speakers and heaters

Ah! The Drive In Movies

A night out with your signifcant other or friends at the drive in movies. Carload pricing and even a buddy or two smuggled in the trunk. These too are sill around but slipping from the American landscape. Catch one if you can while you can.

Drive-In Movie Display

Everyone has the speakers, but how about the heaters? We've all seen the car display with the drive-in speakers. I wanted something different. While the speakers and heads are common what isn't is a pair of Eprad 750 watt heaters. Anyone who went to drive ins up north knows about these but you would be suprised that a lot of people don't. So it makes for some interesting conversations.

** These are from a local Michigan drive in complete with the butterfly-style post mount for the heaters. My speakers are live. They have been refitted with new speakers and are fed through a pair of RCA jacks in the stand. The soundtrack to “American Graffiti” is a perfect fit for this setup.

Drive In Movies are still around

There are a few of these leftovers from the 50's and 60's still around. And it is still way kool to check them out, and experience it before they totally disappear from the American landscape.