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New vehicle and docs on site

Posted: 04-30-19

Added an 09 Ford Focus to the GARAGE

I have added a 2009 Ford Focus SE 4-door to the GARAGE. It is a nice addition for us. While this is not a new vehicle it is NEW to me. This is now an alternate vehicle for our busy days and times when we need two vehicles for whatever reason.

The first order of business was a good cleanup, inside and out. With 220K on the dial it has been around the block more than a few times. A look see at the normal fluids and chassis condition lead to a plan of attack. An oil change gets me to ground zero and it looks like a trans fluid/filter change is in order. There is some body damage ( scrapes and cracks ) to the passenger side lower front valence. No biggie. A temp patch ( Gorilla Tape ) is in place I can tackle it later. But for now I drive it and takes notes.

And because I needed to get busy doing what I do best, keeping them up. I needed as much info as I can to do that. So the library has been updated with what I could glean in the way of docs. Owners Guide, Maintenance Schedule, SYNC Guide and transmission manuals.