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Airing Out The Camper

Posted: 04-06-19

A bit of fresh air after winter storage

A nice day to check it out - Saturday was a great day. Warm and lots of sunshine. So I pulled the cover off the camper and ran it up. After a bit of work it was all up and in good condition. A quick inspection of all the routine stuff I decided to go about inventorying all the camping stuff to it's intended storage spaces. I didn't do this at the end of last season so I had at it. A quick inventory proved that I had way more stuff than was needed.

Dump and Sort time

I did a complete dump and sort of all the stuff in the camper. I included all the nifty stuff I had collected over the winter for potential use in the camper. It actually went very nicely. Since it is just the two of us I revamped the planned accordingly.

Dining Out

4 plates, cups and bowls got us covered. Along with a set of metal flatware and a set of cloth place mats. For those times we don't feel like washing dishes some paper plates, bowls and plate holders also went in. A small collection of plastic utensils was included. The normal pile of assorted food handling tools is tucked into the drawer. A quick inventory of pots and pans revealed some overkill so we thinned it down to what we use the most. We use a small two-burner propane stove or a campfire mostly so we keep it simple. The microwave is a nice option so a few microwave items are tossed in. The rest were boxed up and set aside for storage.

Water handling

One discovery was that I had way too many water containers. Besides the (2) 5-gallon containers that came under the galley I have two 7-gallon Aquatainer's. One for the gray water run off if needed. The other was for use stand alone on a counter top. So I was able to set the pair of 5-gallon units aside for a nice storage gain.

On to the front storage box.

Rummaging through the front storage box let me see the electrical cords and hoses we need. Along with an assortment of leveling stuff, water and electrical service hookup adapters and other convenience items like a pair of folding chairs, a couple of folding tables and an 8X10 all weather carpet. My electrical and water hookups come in all sizes.

30 Amp Camper Hookup
25' primary / 25' extension
15 Amp Convenience Cords
50' primary / 10' primary / 4-port terminal strip
Water Hoses
(2) 25' drinking water hoses / (2) 25' gray water hoses / 3' stub gray water hose

So all in all the inventory and cleanup went well. We saved some space and weight. And now we can concentrate on the outfitting of the other items we want to use. Stay tuned.