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The Better to Start With My Dear

Posted: 02-12-19

The 2019 show and swap season is online!

What a difference!

The van now is much more cooperative to start on these cold mornings. I am suprised that with half the glow plugs being dead it started as well as it did when it was warm out. With the new glow plugs and connectors plus the new block heater it is one , well, two things I shouldn't have to worry about for a bit. So we can focus on the other stuff. Like brakes and such. Those will be addressed as the weather permits. So for now I am in parts gathering mode.

As I said before a primary reason I like Curt's is that they go over the vehicle during it's stay to alert you to any issues. They caught the need for an oil change and worn front brake pads. I was already aware of both. And I have a backup light out. But it was greatly appreciated that they let me know. A job well done again gentleman!

Curt's Service - OakPark,MI