MY Service Record

US NAVY 69-78

US Navy Vietnam Veteran Thanks to my uncle in DC I got some all expenses paid cruises. Two to the beautiful Mediterranean and in 72 trip to the exotic South Pacific, which included a free membership in the Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club

AQ Rating History

Aviation Fire Control Tech PO2 badge

Aviation Fire Control Technicians’ roots go back to 1954 when the Aviation Fire Control Technician rating was established. Under the AQ umbrella were two Service Ratings: AQB (Aviation Fire Control Technician Bomb Director) and AQF (Aviation Fire Control Technician Fire Control).

Regardless of the service rating, AQs were tasked with the maintenance and repair of some of the most advanced electronics deployed on U.S. Navy ships at the time. This might include troubleshooting an aircraft’s electronic weapon system as it sat on the flight deck to swapping out circuit cards in onboard computer systems. All aspects of aircraft weaponry and detection systems—including radars, navigation, heads-up displays (HUDs), multi-function displays (MFDs), target acquisition, weapons-release, and more — fell under the bailiwick of the Aviation Fire Control Technician.

My Squadron History

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My Shipboard History