" The domain BzeroB.com was initially acquired in order to lay claim my piece of the web. At the onset it was a single site, Bob's Garage, intended to simply show off my cars. But as with most things web related the domain has since evolved into a family of sites where I can share some of the auto related info in a variety of ways. It is now more of a portal or gateway to get to the other sites in my group. "

What's Inside

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" My sites are learning exercises and they evolve as I learn. I continually make a concerted effort to build, test and validate them using the latest web design standards. This allows them to be viewed by the largest variety of browsers as they were intended. Despite all efforts sometimes things don't work out for everyone. But I try to make them as functional as possible. "

Me And My Design "Team"

It's Actually just me


About Me

I am Bob also known as BzeroB. I live in the metro Detroit area where I grew up in and around Detroit in the 50's and 60's. After being away in other states for many years, military service and professional jobs, I returned to my "home ground".

And yes, if you don't know it already I have a passion for cars. Growing up in Detroit it is said to be in your blood. And that coupled with military and civilian electronics and computer hardware and software experience I guess you could classify me as an aging techno-gearhead.

My Design "Team"

I am the sole engine behind all of these project sites. They are the product of an ever evolving learning process of the new elements of the web as they present themselves.

I strive to stay up on these but as a casual designer / coder I have a ways to go. As I learn these new elements are integrated into my designs. And just like any other designer I do have my own ideas as to what I want to present and how it should look. These sites are the end result of those ideas.